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1.  Cynthia is currently working with one of my daughters.  She has been an absolute God send!  I have seen such growth and confidence in my daughter since she began four weeks ago.  I cannot thank Cynthia enough for sharing her life's purpose with us! - Sharyn Smith


2.  Ms. Cynthia Concordia has a gentle style of approaching my concerns.  Her supportive conversation and creative way of relating my issues back to me in a more positive way help me realize the power I hold within to invest in myself.  After a brief questionnaire, I realized I had been worrying over some things I physically can not change.  But I can embrace the "Warrior" within and let that "Worrier" I was go! - Karen Howard

3.  Working with Cynthia has helped me significantly in manifesting my dreams.  I am in the early stages of manifestation but the empowering energy that I receive from our sessions is priceless.  Cynthia has taught me a lot about myself throughout our conversation and I truly appreciate her expertise. - James Watkins


4.  I was sure that I was find until Cynthia showed up.  I was not aware that I had a couple of root problems, neither of their size, and I thought that it was all normal and okay.  They are as follows:

     -  Held back from working (poor focus due to multiple + untreated reasons).  Untreated reasons are self-doubt due to perfectionism and brought about fear.  Another one is unforgiveness and letting go.  I could not forget and move on with my life.  I suffered stress/anxiety as a result of all of this.

     -  After speaking with Cynthia, I have learned to forgive, let go, and move forward.  Now I can say that I am more focused on my projecgts, relaxed and confident. -  Noura Sabry Shaheen

5.  Cynthia, you helped me realize that I can expand my visions much farther in my ideas for the project "Our Education System."  I support everything you are trying to accomplish and being an inspiration to all of us. - Fly Mae (Heidi)

6.  For more than 10 years, I have bad relationship with my father, until it becomes a "normal" feeling in me. Not talking with him was a "normal" habit.


I grew, I have my own family, I have good relation with my wife and children, I thought I have the "peace" feeling I want for all these times.


Last November, I have zoom meeting with Cynthia Concordia, we talked about purpose, love, gratitude, manifesting dreams, and I realized I have unfinished business at home. I open what inside my heart with my father, we talked a lot and we settle it, last Jan 5 was his 73rd birthday, and for so many years I haven't seen him smiling.


I know I have one step closer to my goal in life, and my burden lifted. 2020 was a hard year for all of us, and now I feel more optimist for 2021.


How strong your will to get closer to your dream and achieve it? When life goes hard on you, you need someone accountable to keep you on track, whom you can talk to, get positive vibrations.


Open your heart, you can reach Cynthia Concordia, she might able to help you. This is my testimonial to her; I really appreciate and thankful.  My name is Ricky, and I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia.  Be the better version of yourself.  -  RICKY HALIM

7.  Cynthia has been a great help in re-evaluating my priorities; to be more attuned with myself; providing with suggestions to better know myself and pursuing my purpose; and having someone to speak with, about my challenges. 


She empowered me and helped me re-start my identity.  Sharing stories with a fellow Filipina and our banter from two different generations was truly eye-opening.  - Jade Mondia

8.  Thank you very much for your time Cynthia.  I am so grateful to have you as a friend.  I have realized that I have to make a step in my life no matter what, since I have to take care of my kids without depending on anyone.  I thank you for the courage you gave me dear.  May you be blessed abundantly. – Joyce Gwada

9.  When I decided to cross the river of change, God sent me his angel to deliver me a very clear message:  forgive those who hurt you, let go of the pain!  only then I will give you more than you asked for.  Cynthia Concordia is this angel.  Her passion, love and caring to help others to chase their dreams, certainly will help to point the direction to the destiny that you want!  her life testimony is the proof that it is possible to thrive even when things show us otherwise!  small positive changes are taking place in my life every single day!  Thank you God!  Thank you Cynthia! – Marcos David Werka, Gym Owner, Brazil

10.  Before starting this program, I wouldn't say that I was completely lost.  However, I just had a hard time staying on track.  For instance, I struggled with consistency in almost anything that I started.  I also had a hard time imagining myself being anything more that I was in that moment.  At first, I talked to my mom about therapy.  Seeing as I had already gone and I had no problem going back for a couple of sessions until I got over these issues.  Then my mom suggested that maybe what I needed was a life coach.  I had already gone through the hard parts and maybe what I needed was someone to merely guide me into the right direction.  At first, I was not sure.  I will admit the idea of having a life coach made me fee like I was 40 years old, having a mid-life crisis.  Not only that.  But I felt like the idea was embarrassing for someone at my young age of 21 to have to need something like that.  Hesitant, I agreed and my mom connected me with Cynthia and before I knew it, I was starting the course.  As the weeks passed during my time in this course, I experienced some of the hardest challenges of my life.  However, it was this course that kept me hopeful for a better future.  During this time, I found myself grateful for the program and excited to talk to Cynthia every Monday.  This reminded me that my current reality is not forever and that I had the power to manifest the life of my dreams.  I am not one to notice changes in myself, but everyone around me can see them!  Once I completed the course, I could tell that my mindset had changed completely.  I no longer have the fear that I can't do something or shy away from things out of fear.  I now tell myself that I am capable of handling any obstacle that is in my way and that I am worthy of an amazing life.  To name a few things that I have started doing differently since I finished the program. 

-  I have started taking my weighty loss journey seriously.  I never thought that I could ever lose the weight and keep it off so I would try for a bit and quit.  Ever since the program, I have given up junk food and I know I have a work routine that I stick to and I have almost lost 15 lbs.

-  Another thing that has changed in my life is now I see my education.  I never say myself as someone who would be in college and graduate.  Now I am almost finished with my time at Community College and I am transferring to the University of North Texas in the fall.

These are just a few changes that have happened since I finished the program.  Not only do I owe it all to this program.  I owe it all to Cynthia and myself as well.  Throughout the program, I formed a strong bond with Cynthia that will last forever.  I am forever grateful to her and the amazing advice she gives and the crazy amount of laughs we shared together.  I also owe it to myself because if I had not chosen to stick to this program and apply the lessons to my life, nothing would have changed.  The reason I was able to successfully complete this program and see the results was because I had the true desire to change my life.

For those of you who are looking into doing this program, it isn't the program and it isn't the life coach that will change you.  Those things are simply there to guide you, but ultimately you have to be willing to change.  You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk, and you do this because you want your dreams to become a reality.  The power to manifest a better future for yourself is in no one else but you.  - Sharaya Smith

11.  Cynthia's approach in navigating client through cloudiness of mind or emotion is very attentive, personal and kind woven with real life's experience and practice aim to help.  The introductory conversation already illuminates the key areas for possible improvement.  I am looking forward to the follow up sessions as they provide a platform to gain my own insights - Petra Misik


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